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Other Family Lines

Every human being is the result of countless (but finite) generations of parents, and the number of ancestors is easily computed:

8th generation -200 (years ago) ancestors: 256
9th generation -225 ancestors: 512
10th generation -250 ancestors: 1,024
11th generation -275 ancestors: 2,048

One is almost certain to find “interesting” lines of ancestry, which become of the focus of one’s research and interest. Taking 02/02/2020 as a symbolic starting point and looking at ancestors of interest, our genealogical interest has focused mainly on:

  • Cleenewerck / Cleenewerck de Kiev / Cleenewerck de Crayencour (a different branch), to 1500s
  • Fasnacht / Fosnaugh, to 1400s
  • von Erlach, to 1100s
  • Lentulus, to 1500 and by tradition to ancient Rome

Other branches of interest are:

  • Duhamel, to 1500s
  • Graves (de la Grave in England), to 1200s
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